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Galizien Village Family Books

The Galizien Village Family Books is a collection of families who are known to have been residents of a particular village. Each book focuses on a particular village.  The Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen (Assistance Committee for the Galician Germans) organization in Germany created these family books by transcribing births, deaths and marriages from original church records into family groups and then combining all the family groups in a village into a single village book. Here is an example of what a family group in one of the familybooks looks like (including an explanation of terms). Considering the long hours of time required to compile one of these village books the Hilfskomitee charges a very reasonable US$10.00 per village, including handling costs. These village family books are delivered by e-mailed docx computer files. These files are distributed by our secretary (ggd email) on behalf of Manfred Daum of the Hilfskomitee.

Index of all Villages for which there is a Familybook

Galizien-German Family Books (Current as of June 2, 2020) 
Bearbeitungsstand galiziendeutscher Ortsfamilienb├╝cher (2020-06-02)

The word "mit" is used in the above file to denote that the village is included in a nearby town. e.g.
(mit Baginsberg u. Slawitz) = With the Baginsberg and Slawitz Familybooks

Which Family Books should I order?

We have created a long list of all surnames found in the Galizien Village Familybooks. This listing is based on the revised set of the village books which do not have names of people who may still be alive since that is not permitted by the 2018 EU privacy laws. You can search our listing HERE.
The result of this search will be a list of all familybooks in which your surname is found. Each link on the search result page will take you to a list of all surnames in a particular villagebook. Write down the names of all the villages you wish to order and see the "Ordering Books" instructions below.
If you want to just browse the surnames in any particular village we have created a webpage that has links to all of the villages in our Familybooks Surname Listing.
Click on this link to view our All Surnames in all Villages Index webpage.

Ordering Books

Price: Per Village Familybook : $10.00 USD

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