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Galizien Village Family Books purchase page

By default all family books are sent in Microsoft Word (DOCX) format. We can send most villages in PDF format if you wish, but some are too large to be emailed and must be sent in DOCX format or sent via a large file sending application like WeTransfer. Let us know at the address below if you have problems viewing any book.

Price: Per Village Familybook : $10.00 USD

For payment we prefer PayPal. For those members who do NOT have a PayPal account, we still recommend that they click the link below as PayPal will accept most credit and some debit cards.

If you have any problems, please contact the Family Book Secretary atGGD secretary email.
Please note that our secretary is a volunteer who has a life of her own. Allow at least 48 hours before expecting an email reply. If you don't get a reply in 48 hours, please check your SPAM mail box. If you do not get your book within 5 days, please email mg.

 The Galizien family books are divided into alphabetical groups for ease of location.  Select the first letter of the alphabet to find the village you are looking for.  For example, for Tarnopol, select TUV.

Inside each group, letters with diacritics (e.g. ó or ü) are sorted at the end of the alphabet.  For example, Josefów is listed after Josefsberg.

Not all villages have a family book.  Be sure you have the correct village before ordering by looking at THIS PAGE.

Alphabetical Groupings

ABC 37 Documents

DEF 30 Documents

GHI 29 Documents

JK - 43 Documents

LM - 34 Documents

NO - 30 Documents

PQR 38 Documents

S --- 48 Documents

TUV 24 Documents

WXYZ 32 Documents