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All memberships include access to the Members Only portions of our website for the calendar year when you start your membership. This includes access to GGD funded research with hundreds of church records, trip reports, family trees for those who agreed to share them with fellow members, and books about Galicia, often with English translations, that are only available to members.

Membership includes the ability to contact any other member and non-member submitter via their GGD Code. You can view a list of these codes sorted by the village and surname they are researching via our Membership Listing.  This allows you to contact that person via the GGD secretary to share information about that village or surname.

One of the best benefits of membership is access to an electronic copy (pdf) of our quarterly newsletter for the current year and for the previous year (8 newsletters all together). Our membership is based on the calendar year. This is true even if you join in late December. Your new membership only lasts until Dec 31, but you will have access to the 8 newsletters during those days or weeks. If you wish to view the January newsletter, you will need to pay for the next year.


Costs vary by location and newsletter options. All options are in USD funds payable via PayPal (which accepts credit cards and some debit cards).

  • For those anywhere in the world who accept email notifications and download their own newsletters from the GGD website, the cost will be $5.50 USD per calendar year; $10.70 USD for 2 calendar years, and $16.00 for 3 calendar years..

  • For those with USA or Canadian addresses who wish to receive printed newsletters by postal mailing, the annual cost will be $31.50 USD for the USA and $36.70 USD for Canada.

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