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Thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the world are descended from the German-speaking settlers of the Austro-Hungarian province of Galizien (in English, Galicia; in Polish, Galicja; in Ukrainian, Halychyna)
Map of old Europe with Galicia circled in red.  It the current southeast Poland and west Ukraine.

The turbulent politics of this region during the 18th to 20th century resulted in this territory changing countries several times, and scattered the descendants of these settlers to the four corners of the globe, where many are now re-discovering their roots. This site is designed to share what is known about the people, settlements, and the fates of these people. It is non-profit, and all the work is done by volunteers. Conditions regarding the use of any material on this site are listed by item, as they appear. Unless specified otherwise, all material on this web site is deemed to be copyright by GGD (© 2024), and permission to use it is required. You need not be a member of GGD to enjoy and use this site. We do encourage you to send us your stories and information that could benefit others. Contact GGD at GGD email.  

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