Cemetery Restoration Projects

These cemetery restoration projects address works in progress and completed projects.

Koenigsberg Cemetery Restoration Project

For more details see article by Isolde Iben-Metzger & Dr. Dirk Iben in issue #61 January 2009 lock icon
Shared with us by Erika Paulson. They may be contacted by email (iben-metzgerlock icont-online.de) or postal address 12 Walkmoehle, D23611 Sereetz, Germany.

Münchenthal (Mużyłowice Kolonia) Cemetery Restoration Project

This was a major project directed by two of our members, Brian Lenius and Ed Rozylowicz. The work started in 2004. On September 20, 2018, there was a ceremony to dedicate and bless the cemetery and monument. The project is on-going with grass cutting and cleaning occurring three times a year. 

For an overview of the colony and project, members can see the  Münchenthal Memorial Project page.

Ed wrote an article on the restoration  - members can see this in issue #62 April 2010. He has also created two short video clips showing the decaying church (4.5 min) and the cemetery (14 min). Both are publicly available on YouTube.

Brian Lenius (GGD Member L04) continues to be the contact person for Münchenthal and may be reached at munchenthal.

Reichau Cemetery Restoration Project

Info taken from Zeitweiser 2008 article by Dr. Dirk Iben and Isolde Iben Metzger. Shared with us by member Margaret Alleen.
They may be contacted by email (iben-metzgeratt-online.de) or postal address 12 Walkmoehle, D23611 Sereetz, Germany.

See issue #62 April 2010 lock icon for more information.

Members may add to this cemetery restoration list by contacting the Editor GGD secretary email

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