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Many of these pages are written in German. If you use a Chrome or Edge browser, you can get automatic translation of those pages.

Gauer Family Website: Put up by one of the GGD webmasters and focused on the Gauer surname. Murray's ancestral village is Bedrykowce, district Zaleszczyki in Galicia. A German-language site put up by Lorez Guntner with more information on the village of Felizienthal. 

Felizienthal-Forschung website. Siegfried Grüdl maintains this website which is all in German. It does have some pictures and good maps. Siegfried has written a large book about Felizienthal which also has some information about many other villages.  The website has the Table of Contents in German, but here is an English translation: Other villages included are Karlsdorf, Smorze, Tucholka, and Klimiec. See the Members-only page for an English version of the entire book, made available to GGD members with the permission of the author. Jim Lang created this website featuring a trip to the village of Felizienthal (now, Dolynivka), and telling the story of his quest to find this village on behalf of the Lang family. The last third of the first video is a great summary of the history of many of our ancestors and all 3 videos present a moving presentation for anyone first visiting their ancestral home. Sadly, the church in Felizienthal burned down in October 2006 but Jim has created a website with a wealth of information about the Lang family and the village.

Halychyna! website: Roman Zakharii has collected a tremendous amount of information about Galicia on his site. He lists numerous cities in Galicia with information and pictures. Werner Kraus has collected information (including more than 10,000 names of former residents and descendants) about a number of German speaking settlements in the vicinity of Lemberg, Galicia. The pages are in German. Philip Semanchuk's "Semanchuk-A-Rama" includes information and links about the villages of Dolina, Neudorf and Bolechow with particular focus on his ancestors from those villages. Well worth a look Angela Fabian's website on Königsau north of Stryj. The site is in English/German and includes a history of the village, history of activities with group pictures, and a bit about Augustdorf, Bolechow, Machliniec and other villages nearby.  Angela was a devoted Königsau researcher who has organized annual reunions in Germany and has led several bus tours to Königsau. Courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine which is slow to load. Mechthild Walsdorf maintains a site, all in German, about a few eastern villages including Josefow near the Russian border. The site includes many pictures, including several of gravestones. There is also a brief history of the town.  Use the menu along the left side to manoeuvre. website: Veit Olschinski created this German language website with information and links about Galicia. Courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but slow to load.