Histories of Galicia and our Ancestors

An Oversimplified History of Galicia
by GGD member Steve Stroud

Steve gives a overview of the history of Galicia showing some of the events that were part of our ancestors lives.

The German Migration to the East
by GGD member Jerry Frank

In the 18th century many Germans migrated from their homelands to the East. Jerry explores the reasons and the conditions that motivated these migrations.

Other links to the History of Galicia

Galicia/Galizien; a History on Galizien Online pages   http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Galizien

A history of Galicia on the "Eastern Borderlands of the Second Polish Republic  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kresy

Philip Semanchuk has an interesting discussion of the Germans of Galicia aptly named The Galizien Deutsche at this link.

Wikipedia has a short history at  Galicia (Eastern_Europe)

Betty Wray, GGD's founder, wrote a letter to members in 2000 on how to do research.  The first 4 pages gives us a history of Galicia.