Family Recipes

We invite you to send us your ancestral recipes. Send to GGD webmaster email Of course, we are not promising to publish everyone's submissions, and please remember that this is not a secure site - anyone in the world can access it. So, do not send anything that you would not want the world to see or read.

Food is a very large part of our cultural heritage but over time the recipes are lost as our elders pass on and our new/adopted culture and cuisine becomes the norm. This is unfortunate as Galician cuisine was nothing short of spectacular, a unique blend of Austrian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Hungarian and Russian dishes. As most of our ancestral settlers were relatively poor, they took particular care to turn very ordinary ingredients into delicious meals. Of course, to a large extent, we are partial to the foods we are used to and certainly some of these dishes are acquired tastes.

Perogies (also known as Perhohe, or Varenyki)

Cabbage Rolls (also known as Holubtsi, Holupzi, Krautwickel or Golompkies)

Plum Dumplings


Onion Pie

Blood Sausage and Metzel Soup