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This is a list of GGD members as of the date at the bottom of each page. Each entry contains: membership code, name, full address and email (if known). This information should not be used for any other purpose other than to contact other members & submitters whose genealogy connects with yours in some way. Please do not share this with others since the GGD society does not want to be sued for violating copyright/privacy laws.

If you are a member and get the message "Error - You are not allowed to perform this action" then please email our Membership Secretary at ggd to give you access, preferably with a sentence to show that you are not a spammer and are indeed researching a particular village in Galicia.

This list is sorted by Membership code lock icon to make it easier for members to find connections in our Sharing our Heritage Database (SOH).

This second list is in Surname order lock icon Makes it easier to find surname connections.

This third list is an Archive from 2019 lock icon Many of the members and submitters listed here can no longer be contacted.  It is kept available for members who might be searching for descendants of those former members.