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GGD's Membership Secretary maintains a list of all present and past members and SOH submitters.  This list contains about 1500 people and takes a lot of time for our volunteer secretary to maintain.  The only reason for that list is to allow members to contact each other and to contact SOH submitters researching the same surname or village.  This was really important in 1995-2005 when Betty Wray set it up since there was little on the web to help people researching Galicia.  Now there are lots of resources including a Facebook page and DNA matching.  In addition, many members flag their contact information as “private”, again requiring extra effort from our secretary to maintain their contact information separate from the list previously accessible to members below.
Thus, after a 6 month pilot project in 2023, GGD has removed all contact information from the online version of Members and Submitters List except country. Those columns have been replaced with instructions to contact me (John Kaminski). When member A wants to contact person B from the member/submitter list below, member A sends me an email. I then forward that email to person B who can decide whether they want to answer or not.  I then inform member A that I have done as requested.  There is no recourse if person B does not reply.  Please remember that due to the age of this list and to the age of our members, many of the people on this list are no longer able to respond to emails.

Below is a list of GGD member/submitter codes as of the date at the bottom of each page. Each entry contains: membership code, last year this person paid for membership and country of residence.

The list is sorted by Membership code lock icon to make it easier for members to find connections in our Sharing our Heritage Database (SOH)