Trip Reports

This section is for trip reports that our members have submitted to us. Some include many pictures and are thus quite large.

Bruckenthal in 2006 lock icon. A 2 page pictorial summary submitted by John and Mary Corcoran. Also available to members is the full 150 page report lock icon which includes family tree information on the  Deff√© and Wolf familes.
Eckis trip report (2013) lock icon, submitted by Margaret Graham. Includes pictures from Berlinchen, Woldenburg, Klosterfelde, Marienwalde, Krakow, Lviv, Ostrow, Rosenberg, Ugartsberg, and Brigidau.

A 48 minute movie about their drive through Brigidau in 2013Do not click on the link, but download it by right-clicking and selecting "Save As", "Save link as" or equivalent.  This is a 346 MB  MP4 movie made by Maren (Simon) Ekert and Dr. Dieter Ekert from Apolda Germany. Narrative by Maren.  Much of it is from a car window.  Right click HERE lock iconand select "Save link as" to download the movie.

Over 400 photos of Lemberg from 1860 to 1939 have been collected by member R4, Ed Rozylowicz, during his visits to Galicia between 2001 and 2009. He is sharing them with fellow members for personal use only. 

If you are thinking of your own trip, see our page Visiting the Old Country.