Past Newsletters

Members who have been a member for at least 3 years (or who pay in advance for 3 years) can view or download any of our past newsletters. We started publishing newsletters in 1995 and over 100 are available on a variety of topics. The index is located HERE.

Once our secretary has set you up for viewing past newsletters, you can use the "Search GGD" function to search for content in those newsletters. There are two different search engines at the top of the Search GGD page - please try both of them as they seem to have different search results for the same terms.

When GGD decided to make available all our past issues of our quarterly newsletter, it was realized that there are always some individuals who want to put information out onto the public part of the internet for others to view. Please be advised, when GGD publishes our issues, many of them have articles contained in them that GGD was given permission to republish from other sources and authors. This permission was given ONLY with the provision that GGD would NOT make this information freely available on the web or PUBLISH it anywhere in ANY format without the specific permission of the various authors, book publishers, magazine editors, etc. The provision was granted to GGD to allow us to republish various articles, ONLY if we promised NOT to put things on the web or print them anywhere else. If we do not comply with this provision, GGD will run the risk of being sued. Since we have worked long and hard since 1995 to publish these issues for Galizien German Descendants, it is sincerely hoped that everyone receiving these files will comply with this provision.

GGD-01_Jan_1995 GGD-02_Apr_1995 GGD-03_July_1995 GGD-04_Oct_1995
GGD-05_Jan_1996 GGD-06_Apr_1996 GGD-07_July_1996 GGD-08_Oct_1996
GGD-09_Jan_1997 GGD-10_Apr_1997 GGD-11_July_1997 GGD-12_Oct_1997
GGD-13_Jan_1998 GGD-14_Apr_1998 GGD-15_July_1998 GGD-16_Oct_1998
GGD-17_Jan_1999 GGD-18_Apr_1999 GGD-19_July_1999 GGD-20_Oct_1999
GGD-21_Jan_2000 GGD-22_Apr_2000 GGD-23_July_2000 GGD-24_Oct_2000
GGD-25_Jan_2001 GGD-26_Apr_2001 GGD-27_July_2001 GGD-28_Oct_2001
GGD-29_Jan_2002 GGD-30_Apr_2002 GGD-31_July_2002 GGD-32_Oct_2002
GGD-33_Jan_2003 GGD-34_Apr_2003 GGD-35_July_2003 GGD-36_Oct_2003
GGD-37_Jan_2004 GGD-38_Apr_2004 GGD-39_July_2004 GGD-40_Oct_2004
GGD-41_Jan_2005 GGD-42_Apr_2005 GGD-43_July_2005 GGD-44_Oct_2005
GGD-45_Jan_2006 GGD-46 Apr 2006 GGD-47 July 2006 GGD-48 Oct 2006
GGD-49 Jan 2007 GGD-50 Apr 2007 GGD-51 July 2007 GGD-52 Oct 2007
GGD-53 Jan 2008 GGD-54 Apr 2008 GGD-55 July 2008 GGD-56 Oct 2008
GGD-57 Jan 2009 GGD-58 Apr 2009 GGD-59 July 2009 GGD-60 Oct 2009
GGD-61 Jan 2010 GGD-62 Apr 2010 GGD-63 July 2010 GGD-64 Oct 2010
GGD-65 Jan 2011 GGD-66 Apr 2011 GGD-67 July 2011 GGD-68 Oct 2011
GGD-69 Jan 2012 GGD-70 Apr 2012 GGD-71 July 2012 GGD-72 Oct 2012
GGD-73 Jan 2013 GGD-74 Apr 2013 GGD-75 July 2013 GGD-76 Oct 2013
GGD-77 Jan 2014 GGD-78 Apr 2014 GGD-79 July 2014 GGD-80 Oct 2014
GGD-81 Jan 2015 GGD-82 Apr 2015 GGD-83 July 2015 GGD-84 Oct 2015
GGD-85 Jan 2016 GGD-86 Apr 2016 GGD-87 July 2016 GGD-88 Oct 2016
GGD-89 Jan 2017 GGD-90 Apr 2017 GGD-91 July 2017 GGD-92 Oct 2017
GGD-93 Jan 2018 GGD-94 Apr 2018 GGD-95 July 2018 GGD-96 Oct 2018
GGD-97 Jan 2019 GGD-98 Apr 2019 GGD-99 July 2019 GGD100 Oct 2019
GGD101 Jan 2020 GGD102 Apr 2020 GGD103 July 2020 GGD104 Oct 2020
GGD105 Jan 2021 GGD106 Apr 2021 GGD107 July 2021 GGD108 Oct 2021
GGD109 Jan 2022 GGD110 Apr 2022 GGD111 July 2022 GGD112 Oct 2022
GGD113 Jan 2023 GGD114 Apr 2023 GGD115 July 2023 GGD116 Oct 2023