Kaisersdorf (Kalinow) Information

Kaisersdorf church picture Kaisersdorf street picture

Modern photo of the church in Kaisersdorf (Kalinow)

Modern Street scene in Kaisersdorf (Kalinow)

The Galizien German Descendants researcher has extracted the following records on the village of Kaisersdorf (known as Kalinow in Polish) from the archives of old Galica. Many of the later records of our Galizien German Descendants are not available through the FHL and these are our target records. These records are available for members only access and additionally we remind members that this information is supplied for private personal use only. Any other use could cause this project to end. These pages will be updated as we receive new information.


Kaisersdorf Booklet by Dr. Ludwig Schneider

This 54 page German language booklet comes from "Deutsche Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift im Wartheland 1941. Hrsg. v. Alfred Lattermann. 2. Jahrgang, Heft 3/4. - S. 149-200." The first half of the booklet contains a geography and detailed history of the village with some pictures. The last 27 pages give a short paragraph on each of about 80 homes, with names. Beware, there are three sets of house numbers. The map is on the last page, but there is another in the Village Plat Maps section. This booklet is for members only and is available in PDF formatlock

For English readers, member H31 has kindly allowed us to benefit from her many hours of work translating this booklet. However, she is not a native speaking German and used online translators to help her. She would like readers to know that the translation may not be entirely accurate. The translation, side-by-side with a searchable German version here.lock Both versions include maps of the village on the last 2 pages.

Kaisersdorf (Kalinow) Records
( Map Ref C9) ( Photos of Kaisersdorf in our Photo Database )

Deaths in Kaisersdorf lock

Extractions of a subset of all records from "Parish register books of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Przemysl, Parish Kalinów: Book of metrical deaths for the entire parish years 1842 - 1903" are available in the two PDF format files below. A "subset" means they do not comprise all the death records from 1842 - 1903 in Kaisersdorf/Kalinow, just the surnames submitted by GGD members with family from Kaisersdorf. The PDF files in the first two columns are in a combination of Latin and Polish. You can use this Google Latin/Polish to English translation service to translate if you wish. Please check both files when looking for your ancestor's death as they contain different records. We received these files from our researcher with one file just lines of text and the other file in the more usual table format. GGD members with family from Kaisersdorf may contact  to advise us if your surnames are not included.

The third column below has the same records as found in the PDF files above. The data from both the PDF files has been combined into one file. The second advantage is that the data has been translated from Latin to English. 

1842 to 1903,  First Part 1842 to 1903,  Second Part 1842_1903, sorted alphabetically


Microfilm land records from Kaisersdorf and Kranzberg colony - Dublany Parish lock
This page has some land records from Kaisersdorf and from Kranzberg - they are only available to logged in members.