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former Reichsheim school
Former Reichsheim school.

The Lutheran parish of Reichsheim includes the villages of Czermin, Dabrowka, Goleszow, Gorki, Lysakow, Lysakowek, Mielec, Padew, Rzedzianowice, Trzciana, Tuszow-Kol, Wojslaw, and others. Hohenbach (also Hochenbach) was the official parish, but Reichsheim was big enough that it was often book-kept separately.  A large river separated the two, and that probably added to the trouble of traveling from one to the other. Thus the records from the two parishes are somewhat mixed up.
Several years ago, a Galizien German Descendants researcher had extracted the records in the table below on the village of Reichsheim (also known as Sarnów in Polish) from the archives of old Galicia. Many of the later records of our Galizien German Descendants are not available through the FHL. However, both Family Search and AGAD have some of the older records available, eg: AGAD's 427 folio. ( BMD for 1838-1851, 1858 )

The table of records below is available for members only access and additionally we remind members that this information is supplied for private personal use only. Any other use could cause this project to end. These pages will be updated as we receive new information. 

New in 2016 is that GGD has paid for a complete copy of the all the church records from 1849 to 1918.  See our Parish Records page to see pictures of the actual church register. The transcripts below may help pinpoint the location of a record in those church photographs. Make sure you search (Edit => Find) on all variants of the name as transcription of handwriting is not an exact science.

Reichsheim Records : ( Map Ref B6 )

Hohenbach Births 1838-1851, 1858 lock Hohenbach_birth_1849-1918
Hohenbach Marriages 1838-1851, 1858 lock Marriages in Reichsheim 1881 to 1884 
Hohenbach Deaths 1838-1851, 1858 lock Deaths in Hohenbach 1849 to 1918