Privacy Policy

GGD is a society that started by sharing information among members about their Galizien ancestors. Thus, every member had access to contact information for all other members and all other members could access your contact information.  However, with the advent of privacy concerns, we have changed how we conduct our society.

We have three standard options when it comes to your privacy:

  1. GGD collects your name, email address, postal address, and phone number. We also collect family surnames and the villages in Galicia where they lived. We normally share this information with all GGD paid members so that members can contact each other about research of the surname or of research about the village. We need to know if you want your contact and village data to be shared with all paid members. You may opt to supply only part of the requested information for sharing.
  2. GGD keeps your name and email address so that we can email a link to download our quarterly newsletter publication. You may opt out of receiving this email by checking the website yourself each quarter for the new publication.
  3. GGD occasionally sends emails to all our members (less than 6 times a year) to inform them of events or items of interest that cannot wait for the next newsletter, unless you indicate you wish to opt out.

When you register on our website for membership you will be asked privacy questions regarding the above options, allowing responses of “Yes” or “No”.  You can agree/not agree to the use of your information for the stated purpose and in the case of the first question, you may click on Contact Me. If you do that the Membership Secretary will be in touch with you to find out which information you do not want shared (e.g. phone number or address).

It is the policy of Galizien German Descendants that any member can have his or her membership information held private from other members and to not receive newsletter and informational emails. 

If you want to know what information our records contain about you or want it removed from the GGD database, please email our Membership Secretary.

Note that for all members, GGD does not share contact information with any other organization.  We only share information with paid members.  We ask that all members respect the privacy of fellow members and do not share our membership information with anyone else. The GGD society does not want to be sued for violating copyright/privacy laws.

All concerns and questions may be directed to the Membership Secretary at ggd membership secretary email

Galizien German Descendants