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Records and Archives dealing with Galicia

Holdings of the Polish Archives

by Dave Gorz. Due to the constantly changing borders of Poland over the years records of some of our German ancestors in Galicia will be found in the Polish archives in Krakaw. Dave gives a good summary here of the holdings of the Polish Archives and what's been filmed by the Family History Library.

We have also published a guide the the many databases and scanned records available in the Polish archives starting in 2013. Click here for a detailed description.

However, the best recent set of actual images of church records is at AGAD. It is all in Polish, but the Family History Library has published a guide to understand the page layouts here. Dave Gorz has given GGD members links and advice on page 5 of his "Getting Started" document.

Family History Library Film Numbers

by Dave Gorz. Dave has taken the list of records filmed by the Family History Library and sorted them by village, religious denomination, and then births, marriages, etc. This is a quick and easy to determine which LDS film number you need.

Family Search is digitizing all the FHL microfilms. Below is a list of FHL Galicia parish records that have been digitized, extracted by Dave Gorz in July 2017.  At the moment, they can only be viewed at a Family History Center, which can be a problem for those who live far from such a center.

GGD Parish Record Photographs  

GGD has found that some records of interest to our members were not available from either the Family History Library nor AGAD. GGD paid researchers to go to Krakow archives and photograph those records.  The list of villages photographed is at the above link, but the actual photographs are only available to to GGD members

Catholic Vital Records of Galicia/Halychyna

This article by Matthew Bielawa gives a good overview of the Catholic records of Galicia. The link above takes you Matthew's article on the FEEFHS website.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic File numbers

The link above takes to you to a list provided courtesy of the Toronto Ukrainian Genealogy Group. It lists the Ukraine Archives File Number for Greek church records in villages in the former Galacia - some of which contain some German village Roman Catholic records as well. A second page gives the FHL film numbers which can then be ordered from your local Family History Centre.

Dolina Roman Catholic Church Marriage records

This Polish site has detailed marriage records for Dolina in the the Archdiocese of Lwow from 1700-1945. The site is entirely in Polish so you need to use this translation page to determine how to fill in the search screen. Once you find a record, you can sometimes view the microfilm by clicking on the link after the name. There are other records at this site which the computer savey of us can see here. For that directory listing, u = births, zap = bans, s= marriage, z= death.

Inhabitants of Josefsberg and Ugartsthal in 1812
(Bredetzky Inhabitant List)

These 1812 Lists of inhabitants in Josefsberg and Ugartsthal, as transcribed by Ernst Hexel in 1974, is available on LDS film 1270061. While these lists do follow the same list of inhabitants as in Ludwig Schneider's book, what is more helpful is the fact that this list includes names of family members and columns for the area and date they came from prior to Galicia. The transcribed lists from film 1270061 are:

Josefsberg inhabitants in 1812

Ugartsthal inhabitants in 1812

Many files on this website are in PDF format. A free reader for these files can be downloaded here.
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