Member Donated GEDCOMs

Over time the members Galizien German Descendants have donated the results of their research efforts to GGD to assist other GGD members when researching their families. These research results are collected in family trees stored in GEDCOM format files. GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. Originally developed by the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints it has spread throughout the Genealogy community as a standard method of storing genealogical data on a computer. Since virtually all genealogy programs allow you to import and export GEDCOM data files users are able to exchange computerized genealogical data no matter what program or operating system they use. This page links you to a program that views the GEDCOM data files submitted by our members. Feel free to contact the secretary if you would like to submit a GEDCOM of your own.

The LOCK lock icon icon indicates GEDCOMs are available to members only and require the use of a separate password. Click HERE to get that password.
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GGD has collected following GEDCOMs from its members:

  • Dittmer [Dittmar] Family lock icon(760 Individuals; 274 Families). (Surnames found in this database)
    Donated by member G43. Descendants of the Dittmer families from 1712 in Rheinland Germany and on to Brigidau, Galicia and Manitoba, Canada. Other families include Fiebelkorn, Freyer, Gauer, Gross, and Stettner.

These GGD members have some family history online:

  • Gauer (member G8)
  • Heuchert (member H44)     site retrieved from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine
  • Strecker (member S144)

If you find a connection with one of the surnames in these GEDCOMs the best person to contact is the member who donated that GEDCOM. Each GEDCOM on this page is identified with the number (e.g. W5, P25, etc) of the member who created this GEDCOM. GGD members can look up this member number in the Members address file lock icon and then use the address in that file to contact the author of the GEDCOM you are interested in. The password for this members only file is given to members. If you are not a member contact GGD secretary email with details of your connection (including which GEDCOM you wanted to view) and we will pass your information on to the author.