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  • Felizienthal: Over the last year, our volunteer translators have been working on the the detailed 604 page book of Felizienthal history by Siegfried Grüdl. Many sections have already been included in past GGD newsletters, but now the entire book has been translated and is available, for GGD members only, in the book section near the bottom of this page. (First part revised 2020-04-16)

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Members or anyone interested in the German side of Galicia, please note that the Facebook page is not part of GGD and the content is not authorized or reviewed by GGD. However, it does allow both members and non-members to discuss topics of interest to Galician descendants. It is a moderated group and you must request to join, but there is no fee and there is much discussion with practical advice to people asking for help and other discussion letting us know about new resources.

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