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GGD members (and others) have shared their ancestors surnames and villages and they are available at the links below in PDF format. If you find a connection with one of the surnames on the list, you may wish to consider becoming a member.  GGD members can download contact information for all researchers herelock icon 
To become a member  (a very low cost per year for e-mail newsletters), see this page.  You will receive our quarterly electronic publication (which average 30 pages) published in January, April, July and October as well as have your surnames/villages added to the database and be put in contact with any of our submitters that share your surname/village.

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Adding your Surname to our Database

Even if you are not a member of GGD, you can add your German ancestral surnames to our database.  Simply fill in the form below and click on the "Submit your Surname for Processing" button.  Your surname will be submitted for inclusion in the next edition of the database.  

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(Our focus is on ethnic GERMANS who lived in Galizien. See the note at the bottom of this web page for other ethnic groups.)



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Village names can be confusing. If your village is not on our main map, please indicate a nearby town or village in brackets, e.g. "Schmidt @ Flehberg (Kolomea)".  

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All the above information will be available online to paid GGD members so that they can contact others interested in the same surname or same village. It will not be sold or given to other organizations.

PLEASE NOTE: this website is focused on the ethnic GERMANS who lived in Galizien/Galicia.
For other ethnic groups living in Galicia, refer to the more general Facebook Galicia group at