Galizien German Descendants

Researching our German Ancestors in Galicia


Guide to Getting Started

This pdf document is a described collection of links from the Galizien German Descendants web site that will help
you get started on your Galician German research.

Tips and Techniques for Research into our Galizien Germans

Tips for the Basics of research, LDS research, Researching family in Germany, Emigration from Germany to Galicia, Researching family in Galicia, Emigration to America and Emigration back to Germany are all found on this page.

Sharing our Heritage: Family surnames

GGD has been collecting surnames and village names of Galician Germans since its founding. The link above takes you to our family surname database page.

Sharing our Heritage: GEDCOMS

Members have submitted detailed family trees which other members can view and print via a powerful database program.

Sharing our Heritage: History

GGD has a collection of articles and references to help you understand the Galizien Germans and their history.

1939 Resettlement Records

In 1939 Poland was divided between Germany and the Soviet Union as a result of the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement. One of the terms of this agreement was that German ethnics were to be relocated from the Russian area to the German area. This database is a partialextraction of the records kept of these relocations.

Books About Galizien Germans

Books with information about Galizien Germans and their villages.

Records Dealing with Galizien Germans

Archive records and Church records dealing with Galizien Germans.

Family Stories, Recipes, Personal Web Pages

Family stories that are shared with other members.

More Questions

If you have further questions, contact Dave Gorz at: research email

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