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Welcome to the GGD Photo album! The alphabetical list below consists of all the places for which GGD members have contributed photos.  For the Map References the map rows are A to F from top to bottom, column numbers are visible in the map.Plat Map links given below are collected on the Plat Maps Page which also includes additional Plat maps for villages for which photos are not available. To see the actual pictures,CLICK HERE to enter our Photo Database. All of the photos available here are Copyright © by the person who submitted the photo to GGD, and permission to use the photos must be approved by the copyright holder. You can contact the copyright holder through GGD at for permission. GGD members can double-click on the pictures to see a larger version.
Note, many villages, including some not listed here, also have pictures on the Hilfkomitee website, which is in German.

Annaberg: (Map Ref E9) (Plat Map)
Augustdorf: (Map Ref F14) (Plat Map)
Bandrow: (Map Ref D8) (Plat Maps)
Baranow: (Map Ref A6)
Beckersdorf: (Map Ref C13) (Plat Map)
Berezhany: (Map Ref C13)
Bolechow (Map Ref D11) (Plat Map)
Brigidau (Lanivka) : (Map Ref D10) (Plat Map)
Dobrohostow (Dobrohostov) : (Map Ref D10)
Dolina : (Map Ref E11)
Dornfeld : (Map Ref C11)
Drohobycz : (Map Ref D10)
Einsiedel (Odynoke): (Map Ref C10)
Einsingen : (Map Ref B10) (Plat Map)
Falkenstein : (Map Ref C10) (Plat Map)
Felizienthal (Dolynivka) : (Map Ref E9) (Plat Map)
Gassendorf : (Map Ref D10) (Plat Map)
Grabowiec: (Map Ref D10)
Hartfeld: (Map Ref C10) (Plat Map)
Heinrichsdorf (Nowe Selo) (Map Ref B12) (Plat Map)
Hohenbach (Czermin) : (Map Ref B5) (Plat Map)
Josefsberg : (Map Ref D10) (Plat Map)
Kaisersdorf (Kalinov): (Map Ref C9) (Plat Map)
Also see member's page (click here)
Kamionka-Wielka : (Map Ref C4)
Kamyanets-Podilsky : (Map Ref E15)
Khorobruv : (Map Ref C13)
Khotyn: (Map Ref E15)
Klimiec (Karlsdorf): (Map Ref E9) (Plat Map)
Konigsau : (Map Ref D10) (Plat Map)
Kornelowka : (Map Ref D11)
Kranzberg : (Map Ref D10)
Krasiczyn: (Map Ref C8)
Lemberg (Lviv, Lwow, Lvov): (Map Ref C11)
Lezajsk: (Map Ref B8)
Luzek Dolny: (Map Ref D10)
Machliniec : (Map Ref D11) (Plat Map)
Mikolajow : (Map Ref B6) (Plat Map)
Neudorf : (Map Ref D10) (Plat Map)
Neuhof : (Map Ref C10)
Neu Sandez: (Map Ref C4)

Ostrowy Tuszowskie: (Map Ref C11) (Plat Map)
Ottenhausen: (Map Ref C10)
Padew : (Map Ref B6) (Plat Map)
Przemysl : (Map Ref C8)
Rehfeld (Sernyky): (Map Ref C11)
Reichau: (Map Ref B9) (Plat Map)
Reichsheim (Sarnow) : (Map Ref B6)
Rosenberg : (Map Ref C11)
Rzemien (see Tuszyma)
Sapiezanka : (Map Ref B12) (Plat Map)
Schönanger: (Map Ref B6) (Plat Map)
Sitauerowka : (Map Ref E12) (Plat Map)
Skole : (Map Ref D10)
Stanislau (Ivano-Frankivsk): (Map Ref E12)
Steinau : (Map Ref B7) (Plat Map)
Stryj : (Map Ref D11) (Plat Map)
Theodorshof: (Map Ref B11) (Plat Map)
Truskavets: (Map Ref D10)
Tuczapy: (Map Ref F14)
Tuszyma (Tuszowski, Tuszow): (Map Ref B6)
Ugartsberg : (Map Ref D11) (Plat Map)
Ugartsthal : (Map Ref D11) (Plat Map)
Unterpadew : (Map Ref B6?)
Unterwalden : (Map Ref C12)
Wiessenberg : (Map Ref C10) (Plat Map)
Zakopane (Poland) : (Map Ref D3)
Zaleszczyki : (Map Ref E14) (photos courtesy  Homyshyn et al)
The original server which provided these photos of Zaleszczyki, Bedrikowice, Petrykowice, and Dobrolany is no longer accessible. However, there is a Ukrainian site at which is translated HERE. The entire site translates well in a Chrome browser. There are also pictures at the Facebook page:>
Open-air Ethnographical Museum in Kolbuszowa :
(typical Ukrainian peasant farm)
Unclassified :
Johann Heinrich Schmidt about 1892
(A good example of an Austrian military uniform)
There are also hundreds of pictures in the book, Heimat Galizien im Bild. Click here for the list of villages covered.

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