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  • The new GGD website is fully functional and has some new information and a powerful search engine. You can visit HERE and login with your ggdmember password.  You will be sent your personalized login in the future. (2021-03-31)
  • Stadlo: A Polish supporter, Włodek Waląg, has indexed all the marriages in Stadlo from 1918 to 1938.  Visit our Funded Research page to explore the index which is searchable. (2020-12-23)
  • Gołkowice: Włodek also supplied pictures of this village, a suburb of Stadlo.  Visit our picture database to see them. (2020-12-23)


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Galizien German Descendants Members & Submitters List[lock]

This is a list of GGD members and submitters as of the date above. Each entry contains: membership code, name, full address and email (if known). This information should not be used for any other purpose other than to contact other members & submitters whose genealogy connects with yours in some way. This list is sorted by membership code to make it easier for members to find connections in our Sharing our Heritage Database. This second list in Surname order makes it easier to find surname connections. This third list is an archive from 2019. Many of the members and submitters listed here can no longer be contacted.  It is kept available for members who might be searchng for descendants of those former members.

GGD Funded Research
( Current as of March 2020 )
Bandrow Region Records [lock] Reichsheim Village Records[lock] Steinau Village Records [lock]
Kaisersdorf (Kalinow) Village Records[lock] Muzylowice records via a member [lock]  Ranischau Village Records[lock]
Kranzberg (Dublany Parish) Records[lock] Parish Record Photographs [lock] 
Stadlo, Neu Sandez, Königsberg, Ranischau, Reichsheim, etc

GGD is funding a researcher who visits the archives of old Galica and extracts information on German villages that have NOT been microfilmed by the Family History Library (FHL). These records are be available for members only access and additionally we we remind members that this information is supplied for private personal use only. Any other use could cause this project to end. These pages are updated as we receive new information.


GGD GEDCOMs [lock]

This is a database of GGD member submitted family trees.  Other members may view the tree structure, view or print pedigree charts, Ahnentafel reports, and more. A GEDCOM of the 1939 Resettlement Records is included in this database.

Galizien German Descendants Publications

One of the most valuable benefits of membership in GGD is a subscription to our quarterly GGD newsletter. This newsletter has been published since 1995 and each issue contains much valuable information about our Galizien Germans. Most of these newsletters were never intended for distribution on the internet as contributors were always promised newsletter distribution would be restricted to GGD members only. Thus we promised NOT to put them on the web or print them anywhere else. Below are the newsletters which we can make available to members-only on-line, but are still restricted to not ever being placed on-line for general viewing.
For an index of all GGD issues since 1995, click here or contact our secretary. Only the last year or so of newsletters are available here.
The GGD newsletters are for members ONLY.
If you have trouble downloading newsletters try this: Instead of left-mouse-button clicking on the link, click on the link with the right-mouse- button. Then choose "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." depending on whether you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox. This will pop up a window which will allow you to download the file to your desktop and view the progress of the download. Once the download completes double-click on the downloaded file to view it.

Year 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
2020 [lock]  Issue #101 January
[lock] Issue #102, April [lock] Issue #103, July [lock] Issue #104, Oct
2021 [lock]  Issue #105, January [lock] Issue #106, April [lock] Issue #107, July [lock] Oct

Galizien German Genealogy Facebook group

 Please note that the Facebook page is not part of GGD and the content is not authorized or reviewed by GGD. However, it does allow both members and non-members to discuss topics of interest to Galician descendants.

Zeitweiser Index  [lock]

These 48 pages simply list all the Zeitweiser articles we have access to with author, page number, and village of interest. They are sorted by author, but you can use "Edit => Find" to search for a year, name or village. The publication "Zeitweiser der Galiziendeutschen" is edited and published by the Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen Members in Germany. The translation of the article titles from 1954-1996 were completed by Carol Leonard.  Those from 1997-2009 were done by Rita Lemon and from 2010-2012 by Daria Valkenburg and Wasyl Makota.  Years 1909-1919 were done by Carol Leonard, Richard Graumann and Erika Paulson. We could not translate some titles, but if any member can, please send our editor the suggestion (with year and page number).  
Please be aware that years 1909-1919 and 1954-1958 are in the old Gothic or Fractur script which is not handled by most translation programs. Members can request copies which will be sent via email.  If you translate any works, it would be appreciated if you share them with your editor, who can then prepare these translations for inclusion in upcoming GGD publications.  They don't have to be perfect, we can polish them up later.

Das Heilige Band Membership List[lock]

GGD is mostly for the English-speaking world.  Galizien descendants who live in Germany generally belong to Das Heilige Band, the mother organization of GGD, situated in Stuttgart, Germany.  Many of  our maps and stories have come to us from their members.  If you can write a bit of German, or can use Google Translate with short simple sentences, it may be worthwhile trying to connect with members of Das Heilige Band who are researching your village or your surnames.  To that end, Betty Wray has spent considerable time typing in the names, birth year, researched village and address of Das Heilige Band members from recent issues of their publication.  Their editor has agreed to this "sharing our heritage." This list can be found HERE.
As the birth year and address of Das Heilige Band members is private information, please do not share this information with those who are not GGD members.

Books Available to Members Only[lock]

Trip Reports

This section is for trip reports that our members have submitted to us. Some include many pictures and are thus quite large.

Bruckenthal in 2006 (2 page summary)  and Where In The World Is Bruckenthal (150 pages with Deffé and Wolf family history) submitted by John and Mary Corcoran.

Eckis trip report (2013), submitted by Margaret Graham Includes pictures from Berlinchen, Woldenburg, Klosterfelde, Marienwalde, Krakow, Lviv, Ostrow, Rosenberg, Ugartsberg, and Brigidau.

A 48 minute movie about their drive through Brigidau in 2013.  If it does not play past the first couple of minutes with a simple click, you may have to download the 346 MB movie (right-click and save target, or righ-click and save link.)
The video was made by Maren (Simon) Ekert and Dr. Dieter Ekert from Apolda Germany. Narrative by Maren.

Over 400 photos of Lemberg from 1860 to 1939 have been collected by member R4, Ed Rozylowicz, during his visits to Galicia between 2001 and 2009. He is sharing them with fellow members for personal use only. There are thumbnails which you click to see an enlarged version of each photo.

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