GGD 1939 Resettlement Records Page, rev 2016

This is a major revision to the Resettlement Database made in 1998 by GGD led by Steve Stroud.
Volunteers, Betty Wray (member W5), Renata Dilk Pilon (P50), Pam Sandbo (S163), Richard Grauman (G12), Maggie Graham (G43), Barbara Duey (D3), and Ed Rozylowicz (R4) typed in the information while John Kaminski (K25) co-ordinated the work and merged all these 10,000 cards into the existing 55,000 people database leading to a new database of 64,077 names.

This database is best viewed using our very powerful GEDCOM viewer. You can search for families, individuals, inhabitants of a village, etc. Charts available with the viewer include Timeline, Relationship, Ancestry, Fan and Hourglass.
The EWZ card number for the LDS microfilm is called "Reference Number" 

We have also received some corrections to the database, which we are not permitted to change.  These can be viewed here.

Help using this database

Access web-based listing via: Surnames Grouped Alphabetically
(395 KB, but takes a long time to load)

How to Use the web-based Listing

The Surname listing allows you to quickly find all people with the same surname. Beware of the multiple spellings for the same last name. Clicking on a surname brings up the List of Names in alphabetical order. The small C or P beside a person indicates that this person is listed twice, once as the head of a family, and again as a parent or child of another family. The EWZ card number for the LDS microfilm is called "User ID." 
Please see the Help file on how to use this database to determine the Latterday Saints microfilm number for your relative.

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