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Beginning in 1774 the rulers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire issued Settlement Charters which invited 'foreign' settlers into its newly acquired province of Galicia ('Galizien' in German). German settlers attracted by offers of transportation and special status emigrated from Germany to Galicia. The 'Galizien German Descendants' publication is dedicated to family history research of these German settlers and their descendants. If anyone is interested in any of the articles from our publication or the entire publication, contact Betty Wray at her address below.

GGD was founded by Betty Wray and Evelyn Wolfer in 1995  See the CONTACTS page for all executive members.

"We welcome all to become members. You may send us your surnames and villages for inclusion in our newsletter without membership. We started in October 1994 with two members and had almost one hundred members in early April 1996. Our group shares research and assists one another with search problems. We have begun translating articles from German into English and are printing them in our newsletters."

Betty Wray, GGD Founding Director
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GGD Board of Directors

GGD has been governed by a board of directors since 2015.  Please contact us for a copy of the society's bylaws.

Perry Buffie
Perry Buffie, Board President
Rockford, Minnesota, USA
Paul Gauer
Paul Gauer, Board Vice President
Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA
Lisa Jacobs
Lisa Jacobs, Board Secretary
Cutchogue, New York, USA
Dave Gorz
Dave Gorz, Board Treasurer
Roswell, Georgia, USA
Betty Wray, GGD Founding Director
Walnut Creek, California, USA
Mary Corcoran
Cookeville, Tennesseee, USA
Murray Gauer
Langley, British Columbia, Canada
John Kaminski
Kincardine, Ontario, Canada
Shannon LePage
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Gisela Denton
Plainfield, Illinois, USA
Hart Flatt
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Erika Paulson
Muskegon, Michigan, USA

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