Galizien German Research Tips & Techniques (continued)

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Articles found in other Genealogical Publications of Interest

  1. Evangelical Records from Galicia. Published in the SGGEE Journal - Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe, Vol. 3, #1, March 2001. Copy found in Saskatchewan Genealogy Library, Regina.
  2. Cemetery, School, Homestead, Obituary Records, etc.: Many of the Genealogical Societies participate in local projects wherein the society's members will catalog and record tombstones as part of their holdings. Write to the Genealogical Society for the area in which you are interested, and inquire if they have completed such a project. The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society has a website for Saskatchewan cemetery records, plus other "Links". See site: They have over 3,200 cemeteries located, 2,028 recorded and over 900 entered in the database. Many times the genealogical society has other records. Many genealogical societies have cemetery, school, obituaries, land records etc. Contact them and ask them their holdings. For a small fee they will often search these records and report their findings.
  3. Finding School Records in Saskatchewan - Louise Petschulat. Article found SGS (Saskatchewan Genealogical Society) Bulletin Vol. 30, #2, June 1999, page 59.
  4. See also the Saskatchewan Heritage Resources Directory (SRD) on-line, or SGS, Box 1894, Regina, SK S4P 3E1, phone 306-525-2034 or email: or
    SHRD will be housed at the SGS Library in Regina and will be available online. The shift of Saskatchewan's rural popu-lation is causing the disappearance of many villages. The records of these communities are in jeopardy. SHRD is creating a directory of these records with info as to where they can be found, accessed, and years covered by each record.
  5. Newspapers in Saskatchewan - article by Darlene Clifford, found in Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Vol. 31 #3, Sept. 2000. GGD has a copy. How to use news-papers and what to expect in research while using them.
  6. Western Canadian Directories on Microfiche and microfilm: A Finding Aid. Dave Obee. Available from SGS, Regina. See their website for cost plus shipping. Directories provide us with info about where our ancestors lived, where they worked and whether they owned the houses where they lived. Directories can also serve as census substitutes as well as for censuses that have not been released. These directories are found on fiche and micro-film making them accessible to most genealogists. Book identifies which communities had directories, what years exist and where some copies are located - excellent strategies provided so you can make effective use of directories.
  7. An Index of Birth, Marriage and Death Notices from Manitoba Newspapers: Vol. 3, 1885. (Book) Available through SGS Library, Regina.
  8. Research Sources - Discovered on a Visit to Vienna - Article by Laura Hanowski. SGS Vol. 23, #4, Dec 1992, page 177-178. Author tells of various sources of info available through Vienna.
  9. Zabuzanski Collection - an extensive collection of registers from 521 Roman Catholic parishes most of which are from east Galicia. The Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv holds some parish registers from Roman Catholic diocese of Lwow for the years 1786-1944. GGD has a copy of this article. SGS Vol. 23 #4, Dec 1992.
  10. The Zabuzanski Collection: New Information on Jewish, Lutheran, Mennonite and Catholic Genealogical Records for Galicia and Volhynia. Article by Brian Lenius. EEG Dec 1992, Vol. 1#2, Dec 1992 pages 13-18.
  11. Accessible Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Vital Records for Galicia and Volhynia: A Second Zabuzanski Collection at the Archiwum Glowne Akt Dawnych (AGAD). Article by Brian Lenius. Polish Eaglet, Jan 1996, pages 4-11.
  12. German Catholics from Galizien (Galicia), Austria, article by Brian Lenius. SGS Vol. 23 #4, Dec 1992. GGD has both copies. Includes resources that can be used to search for our Galizien ancestors both in US and Europe.

    Also found in Manitoba Genealogical Society Vol. 16, #3, Sept. 1991 pages 13-23 includes a map of Galicia 1900.

  13. The Greek Catholic Collection in the Central State Historical Archive in L'viv, Ukraine and the LDS Microfilm Project - Article by Brian Lenius. EEG Vol. 9 #3, Spring 2001.
  14. Galician Research - Article by Cory Matieyshen. SGS Vol. 22 #3, Sept 1991 pages 110-118. Lists numerous sources.
  15. Accessing Galician Genealogical Records (Part I - Methods of Obtaining Vital Records. Article by Brian Lenius. EEG 1996 Vol. 6 #3, Spring 1996. GGD has a copy. Part 2: Locating Vital Records. EEG Vol. 4. #4, Spring 1996.
  16. Accessible Vital Records for Jews, Germans, Ukrainians, and Poles in Galicia, Volhynia, Lithuania, and Latvia: A Second "Zabuzanski Collection: (AGAD). Article by Brian Lenius. EEG June 1995, Vol 3 #4. Pages 9-31.
  17. An English translation to the write-up on Galicia from Slownik Geograficzyn Krolestwa Polskiego found at They also have a simplified introduction to Galicia at
  18. Following the Paper Trail: A multilingual Translation Guide, by Jonathan D. Shea and Wm. F. Hoffman. (Available: Teaneck,NJ: Avotaynu, 1991, 1994. 241 pages $29. ISBN-0-9626373-4-3. Genealogical translation help for 13 languages, including Romanian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Hungarian and Lithuanian). Also available from Language and Lineage Press, 60 Old Northville Rd., New Milford CT 06776-2245.
  19. Archive Addresses, Oblasts and Raions in Ukraine - Article by Sonia van Heerden found in the East European Genealogist, Vol. 7 #4, Summer 1999, pages 15-24. Includes addresses in Ukraine, if you are not sure what address to write in the Ukraine for Archival records if they've not been microfilmed.
  20. Catholic Diocesan Archives in Ukraine with addresses. - Article found in Bulletin of the Polish Genealogical Society of America, Spring 1998. See addresses of Genealogical Societies end of this article.
  21. Historical, Political, and Legal Changes in Galicia, 1340 - 1945 - Article by Cory Matieyshen. SGS Vol. 30, #2, June 1999, page 43.
  22. Focus on Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Special Collection - article by Laura Hanowski. SGS Vol. 29 #2, June 1998, page 68-71. Contains many sources too lengthy to include herein to help you find your ancestors.
  23. Using Canadian Records to Trace Your British and European Ancestors in Western Canada - Laura Hanowski. Article in SGS Bulletin Vol. 29 #1, Mar 1998, page 3.
  24. Using Canadian Records to Trace Your Ancestors - Laura Hanowski. Article in SGS Bulletin Vol. 28, #4, Dec. 1997, page 129-133.
  25. Meyers orts und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs Volumes 1-3. Gazetteers. Books. GGD published an article on how to use these Gazetteers, see GGD issue #22, April 2000 page 18-22. Article by Fay Deardon.

    See also website: which tells about the book With Researcher's Guide and Translations of the Introduction, Instruction for the Use of the Gazetteer, and Abbreviations. Three Volumes. Volumes sell on for about $277.00. Large public libraries may have this resource. The Family History Library Catalog lists three references to these books:

    1. How to read & understand Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs (Meyers geographical and commercial gazetteer of the German empire)  Uncapher, Wendy K. (Wendy Zastrow)
    2. Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs : auf Grund amtlicher Unterlagen von Reichs-, Landes- und Gemeindebehörden  Uetrecht, E. (Erich)
    3. Meyers Orts-und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs  Uetrecht, E. (Erich)
  26. Gemeinde Lexikons in German Research - Fay S. Dearden.Identifies the location of Catholic and Protestant records for towns too small to have a parish of their own. Included are places of civil registration, courts & military districts, which are useful because of records they might have. GGD published a reprint of this article in issue April 2000, #22 pages 18-22. Lists film/fiche numbers. Previously if one wanted to access the Gemeindelexicon, you had to order the microfilm. It is now available online. See the "Finding a Village Page" for details. 
  27. is a well known gathering of all sorts of genealogical references.
  28. On website at the bottom of FEEFHS home page  "Welcome to FEEFHS," click on :"Galicia" to find several genealogical resources.  Click on "Germany," and find a number of references such as:
    1. Genealogical Handbook of German Research by Larry Jensen - 83 page booklet (found here by luck )
    2. German Research Outline - Family History Library booklet
    3. Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934 by the Family History Library - 7 page booklet
    4. East European Emigration and the EWZ - Dave Obee - 59 page booklet
    5. Die Ahnenstammkartei des deutschen Volks (background and history)
    6. Germanic Soundex to the Ahnenstmmkartei
    7. German Handwriting Guide - German Gothic <
    8. Germany GenWeb site

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