Galizien German Research Tips & Techniques (continued)

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Miscellaneous Resources that May be Helpful

Accessing holdings of the Polish Archives in Warsaw. Granted, most of these holdings have been microfilmed by the Mormon Church and are available on website. However, if you checked the site and did NOT find a microfilm, nor is there a CD of village/family books extracted by Manfred Daum as listed on our website, you might consider searching this site: Polish Archives contents Pradziad database. This site is in Polish and patience plus a Polish dictionary will be needed. In GGD issue #58, April 2008 an article gives more info on accessing this site. Click on database (on left hand side), then on Vital Records and Civil Register PRADZIAD and then on database (on right hand side). Sample page is shown in GGD issue #58 along with an example of how to enter information, etc. Your Editor has a copy of a book including all the holdings within the Polish Archives. Many villages in the Ukraine are also included in the Polish Archival holdings. GGD has a copy of a book listing the Polish Archives holdings, entitled: Ksiegi metrykalne I stanu cywilnego w archiwach panstowowych w Polsce by Anna Laszuk – Warsaw 1998. I realize this Polish PRADZIAD site is daunting to wade through. You can also contact Betty Wray who can check her copy of the Ksiegi book to see what is available for your village.

• Tracing Your Saskatchewan Ancestors: A Guide to The Records and How to Use Them. (Book found in the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. (reference Vol. 32, #3, Sep. 2001 issue). They do not participate in inter-library loans, so you will have to contact your local public library to locate a copy of this book in another library. However, the SGS may be willing to search the book for a surname you are interested in, or give you the ISBN number for the book to help in your inter-library loan.

• Mennonitische Namen Mennonite Names. Book found in the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Regina. See also our GGD homepage, left hand column, there is a database of Mennonites in Galicia. You can add your names to this site as well as make contact with others sharing the surnames in the database.

• The Prairie Provinces a Short History. Book found in the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Regina

• Inventory of Archival Records of the Anglican Diocese of Saskatchewan. Book. Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Regina.

Zeitweiser der Galiziendeutschen for years 1954 through and including 2011. These are published by the Hilfskomitee der Galiziendeutschen A.u. H.B. im Diakonischen Werk der EKD e.V., Theodor-Veil-Str. 55, 70374 Stuttgart, Germany. These are in German. On our website for "Members Only" is an Index of the articles found in these publications which are from approximately 1954-2011. Most of the articles are short histories or comments made by persons visiting various former Galizien villages. If you find articles within the Index, you can contact your editor. I can photocopy the pertinent pages and send them to you.

Heimat Galizien Ein Gedenkbuch, published by the Hilfskomitee in 1965. Text is in German. GGD has a copy.

Heimat Galizien Im Bild. Published by the Hilfskomitee in 1983. Picture book of Galicia. GGD has a copy.Click here for a list of villages included in the book.

Aufbruch und Neubeginn - Heimatbuch der Galizien-deutschen Teil II. Text in German. Published by the Hilfskomitee in 1977. GGD has a copy.

Galizien Erzählt - Heimatbuch der Galiziendeutschen Teil IV published 1990 by the Hilfskomitee, Stuttgart. Text in German. GGD has a copy.

Germanic Genealogy: A Guide to Worldwide Sources and Migration Patterns by Edward R. Brandt, et al. GGD has a copy. Order from Germanic Genealogy Society, PO Box 16312, St., Paul, MN 55116-0312. ISBN - 0-9644337-0-You may also find this in Genealogical Libraries.

Where to Look for Hard-To-Find German Speaking Ancestors in Eastern Europe - Bruce Brandt and Edward R. Brandt. Index to over 19,000 surnames in 13 books with historical background on each settlement. GGD has copy.

Resources for Polish-American and Polish-Canadian Genealogical Research - by Edward R. Brandt. Published 1996, 97 & 98: 13-27th Ave., S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55414-3101. Supplement includes Polish Churches and Parish Records. GGD has a copy of both.

Horocholina - by Rudolf Steininger. GGD has a copy. History of village Horocholina, Galicia. Text in German.

Gazetteer of Galicia by Brian Lenius. Book listing all the villages in Galicia, their administrative and tax/judicial districts, the Roman Catholic parish name, Greek Catholic parish name, and/or Evangelical/Lutheran village name and maps to help you locate the town. GGD has a copy.

Hendersen City Directories for places in USA and Canada. Can usually be found in the local libraries of the specific city. Also many directories may be found in the FHL Catalog. They list 3,000+ in their catalog. You may have to resort to inter-library loans to find a directory for the city/area you seek.

The Canadian Genealogical Handbook: A comprehensive guide to finding our ancestors in Canada. - Eric Jonasson. Winnipeg: Wheatfield Press, 1978. Requires an inter-library loan.

GenealogyInTime Magazine: A popular online genealogy magazine and one of the largest free genealogy websites in the world. Everything is free, including a powerful genealogy search engine, a Family Tree search engine, listings of the latest available genealogy records, in-depth articles and several other helpful tools and resources.

Galicia and Bukovina : a research handbook about Western Ukraine, late 19th and 20th centuries, by John-Paul Himka. A detailed book for serious researchers including details about history, government, parishes, maps, newspapers and more. You can search for units of length, area, money, etc. The entire 238 page book can be downloaded from the Ukrainian language website

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