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Next is our collection of maps of Galicia and indexes to those maps. See Maps.htm for all the details of what maps we have available and to see if your village is listed.

Finally, with a bit of luck your ancestor’s home will show up on one of the Plat maps in our collection. Most of our village plat maps are circa 1939 era. These maps show a street layout of a village showing the location of features in the village (like schools and churches) and the names of residents in each house if known. To see which villages we have Plat Maps see Maps.htm.

Maps: Historical Atlas of East Central Europe - by Paul Robert Magocsi. A History of East Central Europe. GGD has a copy. ISBN 0-295-97445-1. Can be ordered through inter-library loan. Univ. of Washington Press, Seattle.

Maps: An excellent map of Galicia showing administrative districts (powiats) for 1906-1914 is found:

Maps are available for the Austro-Hungarian Empire on microfiche from the Family History Library, Salt Lake City. Can be ordered and reviewed at your local FHL on loan. Microfiche for empire and maps showing the grids are found on fiche 6000198 through 6000339. These fiche should be ordered through the Family History Library site. These fiche cover the Austrian Hungarian Empire from 1879-1928. (see GGD #21, page 35 for grid map indicating which numbered fiche covers which specific area within Galicia). See also Bukovina Society of the Americas Newsletter Vol. 8, #1, March 1998. Austrian Empire Research. Paper copies of these maps are found at the Stanford University Library, Mitchell Hall, Palo Alto, California. Ask for G6480 - S75.A9, 1993

Maps of Galicia (GGD has copies) of districts:
(an itemized list of the 22 maps received from D. Johnson)
These black & white printed maps measure 16 x 24 inches., covering areas: (if anyone wishes one of these maps that cover your ancestral village within these areas, please contact Betty Wray)

Sections, Townships and Ranges - Ray Hill. Article describing the grid system used in sections, townships and ranges. SGS Bulletin #29, #4, Dec 1998 page 135.  to help you locate your ancestor's homestead.

Galician Cadastre Maps - Land Surveys of 1849 and 1874 by John D. Pihach. Article in SGS Vol. 27 #1, March 1996, page 24-31. Cadastre maps are a collection of texts and maps that provide a snapshot of a community a century and a half ago. These maps can be found in the archives of Vienna, (Austria) Przemysl, (Poland), and Lviv (Ukraine) for those searching in Galicia.

Article tells how to read the maps and other info.

Galician Cadastre Maps: Land Surveys of 1849 and 1874 - article by John Pihach. EEG June 1994, Vol. 2, #4, pages 16-24.

Josephinian Land Survey Maps "Josephinischen Landesaufnahme" at the War Archiv "Kriegsarchiv" in Vienna. Article by Brian Lenius. EEG Vol. 5#3, Spring 1997. Survey produced between 1760-80's shows roads, villages and other features as they were over 200 years ago. Commissioned by Empress Maria-Theresia and Emperor Joseph II and produced between 1764-1787. Pages 11-24.

Obtaining Galician Maps from Vienna's Kriegsarchiv - article by John Pihach. EEG March 1995, Vol. 3, #3. Includes address.

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