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Researching the Journey from Galicia to Germany

The main wave of Germans returning to the homeland from Galicia was just at the start of World War II when many thousands of German settlers in Galicia and elsewhere were resettled back to Germany. The Germans, as usual, kept meticulous records of this resettlement and these were captured by allied troops in Berlin at the end of the war. They are known as the "EWZ" records and are housed in the US archives (NARA). They are available for viewing at NARA offices around the USA. GDD started a program a number of years ago to create an index of these records and was able to create an index of over 55,000 individuals by the time the project ended. In 2016 we added 9,000 more individuals. These are all available to the general public at our Resettlement Page. Unfortunately we are no longer adding to these records and we have no further information about the people mentioned in this database other than what you see in our on-line database at

However, all is not lost. The GGD "1939 Resettlement Records" database is only a partial transcription from a huge cache of records called the EWZ records. More of your family records may exist in the EWZ records that we did not transcribe. Also, each of the individuals mentioned in our database came from a page in these EWZ records and as you can see by the example we give at there is much more information on those documents than is available on our web pages. The actual documents in the EWZ will have name, dates and locations for individuals but much more information can be included... including occupations, other family members and even a photo sometimes. If you visit website: site and under microfilm number, the complete index to the set starts with film #1797322. If you type in this number, you can have access to the entire alphabetical collection.

If you follow the instructions on our help page ( you will see more information about these EWZ pages and how to view the original documents. If you want to see the actual documents that these records were transcribed from, the PDF document at this link will allow you to determine which LDS film number(s) contains images of the original documents for your surnames.

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