Galizien German Research Tips & Techniques (continued)

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Researching your Family in Galicia

The primary method we use to share information about German families in Galicia is our "Sharing our Heritage" database. One of the benefits of GGD membership ( GGD.htm) is that your surnames will be included in the SOH database we maintain on our website ( Any time anyone contacts us about finding your surnames in this database we will contact you.

For further research into your family in Galicia either do a Google search on the name of your village or do a Place search in the LDS Family History Library Catalog to see if parish books are available. The Family History Library Catalog lists many of their records by the name of the Parish, not necessarily by the name of the village. Bear in mind that often several villages belonged to one parish. Thus the parish name may NOT be the same name as the village. Contact our secretary who can help you find the "Parish" name for villages within the former Galicia, when ordering films.

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