Galizien German Research Tips & Techniques (continued)

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General Tips for Finding a Town or Location

If you know the name of your village and want to find its location or details about it, go to the map page and click on Finding Your Village in Galicia.
The tips below are to help you determine which village is the one you want.

  1. Betty Wray has general tips on finding a village  here.
  2. Try to find the surnames of your family in our surname listing of Manfried Daum's Family Books. See GGD website, left hand column "Galician German Familybooks". A list of villages plus the dates included therein is included online. What you would want to do is to use the surname search (try both search engines) to find the surname that you are seeking.  Look at each resulting village list to see if the persons listed have the first name and birth dates of those you are seeking.
    The Family Books are primarily extracted from church and some civil records by Manfred Daum. Each village is $10.00. The files include birth/baptism, marriage and death records with sources referenced. If the info was available, spouses and children’s names, birth dates and birthplaces, etc. are recorded as well as connections to other family members.
  3. If you want to trace your ancestor in Galicia or back to Germany, I would suggest looking in the various emigrant records available at the LDS Family History Library. The best is Das Kolonisationswerk Josefs II in Galizien (The Colonization Programs of Josef II (emperor of Austria) in Galicia, Austria) by Ludwig Schneider. (Found in the "Austria, Galizien - Emigration and immigration" topic) which lists 3,404 heads of household names of settlers. It gives much detail of the history, reasons for emigration, organization, recruitment, village descriptions and, most importantly, lists of German settlers in two surveys 1790s and 1820. It is available at many public libraries). It also is available in the LDS Family History Library at> and all Family History Centers in North America can borrow a microfilm copy for a nominal charge – Schneider’s book is found on film #1256477.
    This book is arguably the best reference for emigration from Germany to the Galician province of Austria. However, it is written in old German script and can be hard to read.
    NOTE : This book is in DJVU format which requires a special viewer. See this page on how to view this book. Once you have a viewer, you can access the 216 page book here. (12 MB)

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