Galizien German Research Tips & Techniques (continued)

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LDS Research - Family History Library

Complete information about how the Mormon Church genealogy libraries work is available at Each LDS film has a unique number and can be viewed or ordered at any local Family History Center (FHC) provided by the LDS (Mormon) church. Most cities in the world have at least one FHC. If one exists in your city it should be listed in your local telephone whitepages under "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints " or "Mormon". From their webpage: (bottom center of page) you can type in your state or province or if you live outside of the USA or Canada, you can type in the name of your country, and a listing will appear giving all the addresses of their FH Centers.

Many of the Family History Centers are located in Mormon churches but there is no pressure to join the church or do anything other than research your ancestors. When you arrive you sign in giving your name and area of research. Once that is complete you are welcome to proceed on your own with the microfilm readers and computers available at every FHC or you can ask for assistance from one of the volunteers. You will be searching the absolutely huge LDS Family history collection which is centralized in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Once you find a book, film or computer CDROM you are interested in you may find you are lucky enough to discover that the item you want is part of the "100 books" collection that every FHC is seeded with when it opens. If not there is an inexpensive process you can use to order a film from Salt Lake City. In a couple of weeks the film will arrive at your local FHC for your viewing pleasure. It will remain on loan for a few more weeks and then it is returned to Salt Lake City.

That's all there is to it. The Mormon church provides a very valuable service to every genealogist in the world.

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