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Galizien Village Family Books purchase page. 

Orders should be via the PayPal button below. By default all family books are sent in Microsoft Word (DOCX) format. We can send most villages in PDF format if you wish, but some are too large to be emailed and must be sent in DOCX format. If you do not already have a DOCX viewer, we recommend the Microsoft viewer available at this link. Other DOCX viewers are available by visiting and typing "docx viewer" in the search box. Let us know if you have problems viewing any book.

Price: Per Village Familybook : $10.00 USD

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Please check availability of villages before ordering. We have village books for only a few hundred of the thousands of Galizien German villages that existed. Visit our Family Book page for a list of all the villages we have. If you are not sure which village your family is from, there is a search link there to allow you to search for surnames in all our available village books. Using this search page is recommended even if you think you already know your family's villages as you may find some of your ancestors moved. 

When you know which villages you wish to order select the number of village books you wish to buy by clicking on the small icon that looks like this below. Enter the names of your desired villages and your phone number.
Here is an example of a order for 3 books: Berdikau, Konigsberg, Rosenberg, 816-555-121

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Please note that our secretary is a volunteer who has a life of her own. Allow at least 48 hours before expecting an email reply. If you don't get a reply in 48 hours, please check your SPAM mail box.

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