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DjVu Viewers

DjVu is a document compression program sometimes viewed as an alternative to Adobe's pdf.  We recommend two different methods of viewing DjVu documents.


 IrfanView is a popular freeware/shareware image viewer compatible with Windows, Macs, and Linux. You can add the DjVu plugin to the Windows version of Irfanview from their download page  We recommend option 1 (one large EXE) which does the install of the plugins automatically. Advanced users may wish to follow the procedure for the smaller groups of plug-ins on that page.  After downloading and installing Irfanview you can click on any link to a DjVu document and you will see a popup window allowing you to either download the complete DjVu document to your computer or just download a temporary copy and view that in Irfanview.


The free DjVu viewer    only works on Windows (you will need to know whether you have a 32 (older) or 64 (newer) bit version of Windows). It advertises itself as "It runs inside most modern browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari", but some members reported only being able to use it with Internet Explorer version 11 or higher. The GGD webmaster uses it in Firefox without difficulty. After you install this viewer you will be able to view this book in your browser. For faster response when viewing this book you can save a copy of the DjVu file on your computer while viewing it by clicking on the diskette icon in the top left corner of the DjVu viewer frame in your browser and choosing "Bundled" and then "Save". You can then double click on the resulting DjVu file and the offline part of the DjVu viewer will start up and allow you to view the book much faster without an internet connection.

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