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Surname/Village Database

GGD members (and others) have shared their ancestors surnames and villages and they are available below in PDF format. If you find a connection with one of the surnames on the list you can contact with the details of your connection and we will forward your inquiry on to the researcher responsible for that entry or provide you with a contact address for that researcher. You do NOT have to be a member for us to put you in contact with anyone sharing our surnames or villages, this is open to everyone. Alternately, GGD members can download contact information for all researchers here.[lock]
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Adding your Surname to our Database

We invite you to become a member of GGD and to add your German ancestral surnames to our database. Simply fill in the form below and click on the "Add" button. Your surname will be submitted for inclusion in the next edition of the database. Please send us a check, cash, or money order made out to Galizien German Descendants in the amount of $5.00 US funds per calendar year. Mail to: Galizien German Descendants, 2035 Dorsch Rd., Walnut Creek, California 94598-1126, USA. You will receive our quarterly electronic publication (which average 30+ pages) published in January, April, July and October as well as have your surnames/villages added to the database and be put in contact with any of our submitters that share your surname/village. Fields marked with * are required.
What is your name? (first name - family name) : *
What German Surname are you researching? (NOTE: this website is focused on the ethnic GERMANS who lived in Galizien. For other ethnic groups living in Galicia, refer to the more general Yahoo Galicia group at ): *
What is the name of the village in Galicia that your ancestors lived in? If you don't know the village please indicate why you believe your family is from Galicia, or see here: *
If you are researching multiple surnames or multiple villages please enter them here :
For each surname included, list a village. Put each surname@village pair on a separate line and put an "@" symbol between them so we know which surnames belong to which villages. Example: "Schmidt @ Brigdau". We can assist you to find your ancestral village.
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All of the information given above will only be used for the purpose of connecting you with other Galizien German researchers interested in your family or village. It will not be sold or given to other organizations. Contact for assistance if this form fails to work.

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