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The database below has not changed since 2008.See the note there about contacting the USA Mennonite Historical societies.

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Galician Family Study
Mennonites in Galicia Database

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The Galician Family Study Database was derived from the Book "Mennoniten im Kleinpolen" published in 1934 by Peter Bachmann. A sequel (named "Galizien Mennoniten in Wandel der Zeiten") with additional data representing a total of about 7,000 family members was published in 1984 by Arnold Bachmann. This work was transcribed to computer files by T P Miller together with more than 7,000 new entries in 1993. This effort continues with the collaboration of G V Linscheid as new data is uncovered. There are 21,144 family records in this database as of January 2008.

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T. P. Miller
P. O. Box 2182
Jackson, Tennessee 38302-2182, USA
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G. V. Linscheid
P.O. Box 194
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Most of this information has not changed since 2008. Interested researchers should contact the Mennonite Historical societies in the USA ( and Canada (

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Bachmann (ba) Bergthold (be) Brubacher (bu)
Ewy (ew) Forrer (fo) Huwen / Hubin (hu)
Jotter (jo) Klein (kl) Kintzi (ki)
Laise (la) Linscheid (li) Merk (me)
Müller (mj) Müller (ms) Rupp (rh)
Rupp (rj) Schmidt (sc) Stauffer  (stch) (stjo) (stja)

To assist with the use of the above family databases here are a number of useful files :

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