Resettlement Family Pedigree Cards Available Online

by John Kaminski

The Resettlement Files on our website attempt to describe about 64,000 people who moved from Galicia to German controlled lands during World War II. This is only a small fraction of the ethnic Germans that went back to Germany, but it is all our volunteers could do. Many of these 64,000 people filled out a pedigree card listing their spouse and children, as well as their parents and those of their spouse. These cards are called Stammblätter and until recently, were only available on microfilm from Family Search run by the Latter-Day Saints. However Family Search has started to scan these cards and make them available online to anyone with a free Family Search login. So far about a quarter of the cards are available online on their Stammblätter page at: Hopefully this will increase with time.

Here is a sample of one of the card, for 51072, Rudolf Linscheid, born 8th of August 1890 :

Sample pedigree sheet # 51072

To find the EWZ Stammblätter card for your relative:
  1. Use the Resettlement database to locate your relative if in the database as follows:
  2. Log into our database at
    / using user name guests and password guests.
  3. From the top menu bar, select LISTS
  4. To find our sample, select “L”, LINSCHEID, LINSCHEID, Rudolf 4 August 1890
  5. Under Personal Facts and Details, note the Reference Number, 51072. This is the EWZ number we need to access the correct record in the online Stammblätter
  6. Optional: Find out if your relative's pedigree is online by checking our "available online" list, current as of 2017-12-01
  7. Navigate to
  8. Scroll down to the line starting with 51033-53760 which is the set that contains the number we want, 51072. Note that it has an icon of a camera at the right, instead of a microfilm reel. That means it is has been scanned and is available online.
  9. Click on the camera icon.
  10. If you don’t have a Family Search login, apply for a free login.
  11. You should now have a page with many thumbnails of all the EWZ pedigree cards on the screen with a box at the top left saying you are on image 1 of 2630.

    page with thumbnails

  12. Finding 51072 in those 2,630 images is a bit of a hunt and peck, but the number is about 40 above the beginning of this group (51033), so put a 40 into the image box (which says 1) and click the left or right arrow on the side of the image # box.
  13. Image 40 is 51075, so click the left arrow till you see 51072 on image 38.
  14. Your mouse scroll wheel (or the +,- sign on the screen) magnifies the image, your mouse pointer moves around the image. The download button on the right top of the Family Search screen allows you to save it as a jpg file to your computer.
  15. If you have any questions, contact ewz mail

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